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AAA Umpires

AAA Umpires

Rutland Little League uses teenage umpires to call games at the AAA level. All are seventh-graders or older and have participated in an umpire clinic presented by the league's Umpire-in-Chief. In addition, these umpires are expected to read and review training materials from Little League's official umpire training school as well as other written materials and videos as assigned. For more information, contact Rutland's Umpire-in-Chief as listed in our Board of Directors.

Umpires, please arrive 15 minutes prior to game time, introduce yourself to the team managers and let them know that you will begin the game promptly as scheduled (in other words, a 6 p.m. game starts at 6 p.m., not 6:01 p.m.) You should also get your time sheets signed off on at this time. IMPORTANT: If you cannot umpire a game that you have been scheduled for, please contact Rutland's Umpire-in-Chief as listed in our Board of Directors.

Payment Form
AAA Umpires are expected to keep track of the games they officiate on the provided payment form. Fill in the information for each game that you umpire and secure a signature from the manager of one of the teams BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS. Time sheets should be submitted to the Umpire-in-Chief to be processed for payment by dropping it off at the Snack Shack by May 19 for mid-season payment and June 17 for end-of-season payment. Checks may be picked up at the Snack Shack in mid-season; they will be mailed to your home at the end of the season, so be sure to include your mailing address on the payment form. Also, you should keep a copy of your time sheets for your personal records. 

Little League Rule 7.13
This rule defines LEAVING EARLY.

This page details umpire signs and signals.

Common Little League Rules Myths
Many misunderstandings on the field are the result of rules that have been misinterpreted. This web page lists a collection of common misconceptions about Little League baseball rules. Each of these statements are false. Clicking on each link will explain the correct ruling.

10 Commonly Misunderstood Little League Rules

Understanding the Strike Zone

AAA Ground Rules 

  • No inning may start after 1 hour and 45 minutes even if no game is scheduled to follow. The umpire will make the call at the 1 hour 45 minute mark. 
  • Maximum of 5 runs an inning.  
  • The 5-run-max rule is waived in the last inning. Keep in mind that if you are approaching the time limit of 1:45, the last inning could technically be the 4th or 5th inning and the rule is waived. 
  • Runners cannot steal home. Exception: 1) runners can advance home from any base if the catcher overthrows the pitcher and the ball travels beyond the pitching rubber; 2) a runner stealing second base (with 3rd base unoccupied) may advance to 3rd and home; 3) the pitcher or catcher attempts to pick off a runner at third base.
  • If there are runners on first and third, the runner at first may steal second base but the runner on third may not advance. Thus the runner on 1st cannot advance beyond 2nd base unlike #2 of prior rule. (This will promote a catcher to try and throw out the runner at second base without the consequence of the runner on third coming home). 
  • Runners on 1st and 2nd may steal but cannot advance more than one base regardless of throw. 
  • Runner on 2nd stealing third cannot come home on bad throw. (This is to promote an attempt to throw out the runner without consequence of a run scoring) 
  • Continuous batting orders 
  • Players must play at least 6 consecutive defensive outs 
  • Managers and Coaches MUST remain in dugout at all times. After asking the umpire to call a TIME OUT, if granted, the manager may then come out of the dugout to talk to his pitcher or ask to speak to an umpire. ONLY THE MANAGER HAS THE AUTHORITY TO CALL A TIME OUT AND/OR SPEAK TO AN UMPIRE. Umpires should direct managers and coaches who have not been granted permission back into the dugout. 
  • Mangers/Coaches may stand in the bullpens at Marsh Field but must stay at the dugout side and not down near the plate as this can be a distraction to pitcher or hitter. 
  • Managers/Coaches may not be in the bullpen while a pitcher is warming up in the bullpen. 
  • No players may stand in the bullpen aside from pitcher/catcher warming up. Once the pitcher is warmed up both players must return to the dugout. 
  • Players who are not going in to pitch cannot “warm up” in the bullpen. 
  • All players are to remain inside the dugout and should not be hanging outside the doors. Players have been struck while hanging out of the doorway. 
  • No on-deck batters should be warming up at any time. Only the batter may have a bat in his hands. This applies to both before and during the game. 
  • Scorebook must be kept in the dugout by an adult, not by a base coach. One adult must be in the dugout at all times 
  • Managers/Coaches cannot warm up pitcher at any time before a game, in between innings, or in the bullpen. A player may do this provided he has a cup and mask with throat guard. If a coach/adult is observed warming up a pitcher, the manager will face suspension. Umpires are instructed to halt action of adult warming up a pitcher immediately. 
  • Prior to games, the visiting team will take infield practice at 20 minutes prior to game time until 10 minutes before game time. Home team will take infield 10 minutes prior to game time to the start of the game (leave starters on field). Umpires are instructed to start games on time regardless if teams have had a chance to take infield or not. 
  • No manager/coach may question an umpire’s judgment calls—judgment calls include balls, strikes, fair, foul, safe and out. 
  • Rule interpretations may be discussed with the umpires. Once the play is over, a manager may request time out and discuss in an appropriate manner with the umpire. We want to make sure the right call is made so both umpire and managers should consult rule books. 
  • Rutland has a zero tolerance policy on conduct deemed unfit for the field by manager/player/coach. 
  • Managers are responsible for the conduct of their player’s parents as well. If a parent becomes unruly the umpire will ask the manager to speak with that parent. If conduct continues, umpire will suspend game and consult with league official for next action. 
  • League officials will make decisions regarding rain outs prior to a game. Umpires will make determination once games begin. 
  • Little League pitch count rules apply. Please be familiar with them (page 37 of rulebook). 
  • A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day. 
  • Any player who has played the position of catcher in four or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. 
  • All other Little League official rules apply. 

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